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We provide

Infrared Thermo Camera Human Body Temperature Monitoring System

for H1N1 Influenza High Temp. Screening      High Speed & More Save





       Video Microscope for Skin Diagnosis    
Diagnosis for skin surface and under skin surface.
Observe the polifin condistion under the root of hair.

Diagnosis for capillary condition which supply the nutrition to the root of hair.

Compack design.
Easy operation.
       Video Phase Contrast Microscope
New Short Wave Length LED Lighting.
High Quality CCD Sensor Generates Clear Video Images.
Compact and Inexpensive Phase Contrast Solutions.
Video Output Allow Many Persons to Observe and Discussion at The Same Time.
900X~3600X Single or Multi-Magnification
       Finescope Series Video Microscope for Industrial Applications 
High Intensity LED Lighting.
Compack and Long Working Distance
Multi and continuous Magnification
USB Model for easy link to PC
      Finescope Series Table Type Video Microscope for Industrial Applications
High Intensity Two Rings LED Lighting.
Light and Compack with Easy Stand.
Multi and Continuous Magnification.
Lighting Filters Included
       Power Image Analysis System(PIA)
Measure an object: Measure the length, area, rim, angle etc.
Count the mount: Count the objects, area ratio etc.
Color Analysis: Color, Saturation and Brightness.
Image Processing: Sharp, Soft, Color Enhance etc.
the Other Functions:  Air Brush Tool, Auto Mask Tool etc.
       Thermal Video System
Industry \ Maintenance
non-destroyed examination
R & D
   Medical Diagnosis
       Surveillance uses,Super and small scaled not the infrared of the cool off  hot
The surveillance of the disaster prevention,easy and convenient,high watertightness.
Nighttime personnel invade surveillance,search for,save the diffcult the support the action.
The constuction of the buliding not the destuctiveness exammine, the facilities maintains
the check.
Can link the machine of the surveillance to do 24 hours to supervise and control.
The long wave brings the infrared ray to image is free from rain,fog..influence.
    The HandiScope by Innovative Data Communication, is the  
world's first truly portable, hand-held, high resolution video
microscope. The application of unique packaging, lighting and
optics allows for superior quality image reproduction a lightweight
and hand-held microscope.
    The color slide manufactures the machine
The color slide manufactures good assistant. The operation claps simply the slice is 
fast,applying every kind of computer,real with insert to use namely.
Every kind of use of the teaching,every kind of use of the teaching of the briefing of 
the industry and business, the medical treament and the image of the industry handle...
    Exponential Curve Back Loaded Horn Exclosure
Develop a fever high fidelity stereo set of the dream of the friend, the formality appears
on market in Taiwan.
The Hasehiro industry in Japan authorizes the sole agent,you don't use to wait for again.
Enlarge the DIY of the grade creep,design by one's own specially style. 
    Design Simulation System(DSS)(Bags)(Furniture)(Garment)(Shoes)
In the age of rapid promotion of consumptive product in small quantity and
diversifieditem ,the demand of various product new model development has been keener 
and keener. Traditional design method and sample production mode can no longer 
respond to market demand. Therefore, the company particularly develops designers DSS, 
to enable product designers to be able to rapidly and effective present diversified design 
concepts, saving the time and cost required for development and sample production....
    Power Information Data Base (PIB)
Powerful, high efficiency digital filing system for Documents, Images,Text and AVI.
Equipped with the most advanced DLI Dynamic linking Image file format.
Provide database maintenance functions, easy to operate and without programming.
Data export and import functions, easy to transfer data with other applications.
DLI linked scanning and compression function,which elevate the document scanning efficiency.