Fine Quality Video MicroScope



  New High Intensity LED Lighting Provides No Heat Illumination.
  High Quality CCD Sensor Generates Clear Video Images.
  Compact and Long Working Distance.
  Video Output Allow Many Persons to Observe and Disussion at The Same Time.
  Many Options Provide Solutions for Different Application 
  Option PIA Image Analysis and Measurement Software
  Option PIB Image dataBase Software

High Image Quality & Convenient Observation 

Back Light Module 


Computer Linking
& Image Capture

Long Working Distance

Stepless Magnification Adjustment & Precise Stage

    Purchasing image capture card(GA-VD001), it can show and capture image to your desktop PC or notebook.     FineScope is different from general microscopes, it has long working distance, you can observe object and processing at the same time.      Finescope is stepless magnification adjustment, you can select suitable magnification to observe object.
  Education: electronics engineering, electric machinery engineering, mechanical engineering, art, bioengineering, botany, chemical, physics, geology, archeology ...... etc.  
  Research centre: thremmatology, biology, microbiology, medicotechnology, monument, curio, materials science....... etc.  
  Industry and Commerce: IC industry, electronics industry, PCB industry, FCB industy, printing industry、iron and steel industry, pharmaceutical factory, beauty parlor, foodstuff industry.......etc. about product R&D, product procedure check, quality restriction and control, equipment overhaul and various micro-observation.  
  Police/Fire control: exhibit search and collect、investigation .......etc.  
  Medicine/Veterinarian: dermatosis/haircare/scalp examination ......etc.  
System Configuration



 Standard Configuration

1. FS-180 or FS-1000
2. Cable Coupler with Switch
3. AC adapter
4. Video Cord with RCA Pin-plug
5. Metal Stage
6. Diffusing Filters
7. Black and White Stage
8. User's Manual
9. 12 Month Warranty

TV Monitor
LCD Monitor
Notebook PC
  Video Printer
Color Printer

Power Information DataBase

Power Image Analysis System
  FT-EXY25-1   VM-100   SS-50
  Digital XY Stage   Video Memory Video Freeze Unit   Precise Scale (scale range:10mm)
  Resolution: 1μm     50μm x 200gaps
  Measurement range: 25x25mm    

  FT-EXY300-200-1     BL-002      L-150
  Digital XY Stage   Back Lighting   Optical Fiber Lighting
  Resolution: 1μm    
  Measurement range: 300x200mm    
   CH-15VNA   VPLG-1   CLG-1 
  High Quality 15" Color Monitor   Parallel Line Generator   Cross Line Generator

  GA-VD001/GA-VD204    FS-180-DALA    FS-180-ALA-LED
  USB/USB2 Video Capture Adaptor   Diffuse Axial Light Adapter   LED Axial Lighting Adapter
    (It must be used with L-150)  


  FS-180-ALA   FS-180L1   FT-EZ25-1
  Axial Light Adapter   SideLight Module   Fine Electronic Z Gauge
  (It must be used with L-150)     Measurement range: 25mm
  S-360    S-360   S-360
  360° Connect(45°)   360°Connect(90°)   360°Connect(135°)
  S-XY300-300   S-Y300   S-2
  Large Size Stand  Large Size Stand  Large Size Stand
  Size:630mmX520mm   Size:400mmX300mm   size: 400mmX300mm
Model FS-180 FS-1000 FS-180U FS-1000U
(on 14" video monitor)
10X ∼ 180X  250X ∼ 1000X  10X ∼ 180X  250X ∼ 1000X 
Image Sensor 1/4" 410K Pixels Color CCD 640x480 Pixels (Live Image)/
   1280x960 Pixels (Still Image)
Output NTSC Video (RCA pin jack)  USB 1.1
Lighting 14 High Intensity White LEDs
Power AC100-240V 50/60Hz Adapter,
DC5V/1A Output
 +5V(From the USB Port of The Host PC)
Standard  Configurationt 1. Finescope, FS-180 or FS-1000
2. Video Cable with RCA pin-plug
3. AC Adapter
4. Stand with Single Dial(FS-180)
    Stand with Double Dial(FS-1000)
5. Diffusing Filters
6. Black and White Stage
7. User's Manual
8. 12 Month Warranty
1. Finescope, FS-180U or FS-1000U
2. USB Cord
3. Stand with Single Dial(FS-180U)
    Stand with Double Dial(FS-1000U)
4. Diffusing Filters
5. Black and White Stage
6. User's Manual
7. 12 Month Warranty

Magnification on 14" monitor

for FS-180

for FS-1000

Magnification View Area (mm) Working Distance (mm)
180X 1.5X1.1 31
150X 1.8X1.3 33
125X 2.1X1.6 35
100X 2.7X2.0 39
75X 3.6X2.7 45
50X 5.4X4.0 56
25X 10.8X8.1 90
10X 27.0X20.3 190
Magnification View Area (mm) Working Distance (mm)
300X 0.99X0.75  
400X 0.77X0.58  
500X 0.59X0.44 6.0
600X 0.49X0.37  
700X 0.42X0.32  
800X 0.37X0.28  
900X 0.32X0.24  
1000X 0.29X0.22 5.5
Power Information data Base
Powerful, high efficiency digital filing system for documents, images, text and AVI.
Dynamic link image file format (DLI)
User can create many different databases.
Equipped with the most advanced DLI Dynamic linking Image file format.
Calculation function.
Data sorting function.
Auto display function.
Save date as HTM  function.
Data export and import  function, easy to transfer data other applications.
Provide database maintenance functions, easy to operate and without programming.
DLI linked scanning and compression function, which elevate the document scanning efficiency.
High efficient system for imaging, measuring, color analysis.
Measure an object Measure the length, area, rim,  angle etc.
Count the mount Count the objects, area ratio etc.
Color Analysis Color, Saturation and Brightness.
Image Processing There  are many kind of Image Processing Functions, like as Sharp, Soft, Color  Enhance etc.
the Other Functions There are many functions in the Graphic Tool, Air Brush Tool, Auto Mask Tool etc.
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