For Monitoring ,Extra-Light,Uncooled IR Therm-Camera
Visual Angle:13X(H) x 10X(V)                                                                                                      Home
hand-held design and carry-on size,about  900 g
Watertigness,defend the dust the grade the IP67*
 Bear the temperature of the environmenr -20J 50J
The inside sets up the high resolution the view window to also provide with high battery of the capacity.Is suitable for ambulation to keep watch on the application.
Carry lates technique,the ratio of high s/n,320*240 two times cools off the 
type the heat sensor. 
The long wave is long the infrared ray shows,hot images is free from the infu-
ence of the rain, fog and smoke alomst. Can present like appearance of clear 
heat all at around-the-clock.
Have to increase the benefit the control the function automatically,the image
can keep on stabilizing to output.
Provide interfaces RS-232,can do to carry the control far.
High watertightness,defend the dustGJIS 0920 (IP67*) (Limit IR-20 model) 
@ @ * The IP67 is waterproof can in the water deep 1M amounts 30 minuteses. @
It is considerable to see the angleG26X(H) x 20X(V)
Hot model of the image of handly and super infrared ray 
feeling the degree, the weight only has 540g.
Can link the machine of the surveillance to do 24 hors to sup-
ervise and control continuously.
The physical vilume is small,design of the reducing in weight,
the convenience installs the mounting.
95mm(W) x 85mm(D) x 86mm(H)

The comparison that portrait and hot image of the infrared ray under the shimmer environment:
@ @
@ Can see the portrait(shops) Hot images of the infrared ray(shops) Can see the portrait(highway) Hot images of the infrared ray(highway) @
The intruder of the facilities Airport,railroad,port,power plant,laboratory,the surveillance of the intruder of 
the factory premises 
keeps watch on
The littoral keeps watch on Smuggle the boats,the personnel defends to make the sueveillance 
The disaster prevention ke- The street of the city,forest the ground spacious space,the surveillance of the 
disaster pervention of the facilities
eps watch on
Search for,save difficult ac- The manhunt of accident of the disaster rescues,thick smoke of the fire is envi-
ronmental to be stranded the personnel the hunt
tivity the support
The trainportation is safe to Stubling block of the expressway,transortation road the condition keeps watch 
on,the surveillance of the secuity that ship sail.
circulate the support
Factory facilities the insur- Work machine, the homework of the equipments of the factory supervise and 
controls unusually,profuct the heat manages examination
ance checks
Break the check not The bridge,building and every kind of material is structural not the of the destu-
The intruder of the facilities keeps watch on The vehicle makes to keep watch on into security Aircraft and airport the security keeps watch on
Machine tool and facilities the security keeps watch on Conssstruct the construction the check Excrescent homework of the facilities supervise and controls